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Motto: ”Highest quality - exceeding the customer expectations!”

The aim of our activities is to get the highest quality. Our company has succeeded at different markets thanks to reliable and high quality products. To maintain at this position, our aim is permanent improvement in quality assurance based on the latest knowledge and with support of methods as workshops, permanent improvement projects, individual improvement, continual improvement of processes etc. The main idea is to fulfil and even exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our goal is to be a cooperative partner for our customers and since the beginning of each project to get the highest quality level with help of preventive measures and measures for avoiding the errors at all levels of the company. This all is happening with regards to economic efficiency and environmental protection policy as well as legal requirements. The environmental policy is an integral part of all our activities.

The main program is above all the "QUALITY POLICY" and the quality management principle. The quality policy of the Hessel SLvoakia s.r.o. is based on three columns:

customer satisfaction - preventive measures of quality assurance - team work.